Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher

Born: Alexandria VA

Guiltless Pleasures: Vegan food and chocolate, being at the lake, sleep, tennis, time with my family, conversation with friends, tea, quiet time at home with our dog.

Why Yoga/Meditation: I was drawn to meditation during a particularly stressful time in my life. My daily meditation practice quickly showed me what I can only describe as an inner silence and knowing. My meditation and yoga practices continue to increase my awareness, find connection to what is most important to me, and minimize how I allow myself to be affected by outside distractions. It’s called a practice for a reason… and I continue to practice!

Born: Los Angelos, California
Guiltless Pleasures: Eating chocolate, playing with my dog, and watching stand up comedy with my partner
Why Yoga: Yoga and meditation have given me a sense of peace, calm, and grounding. Being able to connect with my body through yoga has given me more awareness about myself and the world around me. I have experienced physical and emotional relief through yoga and take great joy in facilitating that experience with others.
Certifications: KRI Level One Certification in Kundalini Yoga 200hrs, Level 3 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training: 21 Stages of Meditation Module, Kundalini Yoga Therapy Module 6: The Red Thread, Reiki Master
RYT 200
Guiltless pleasures: Being barefoot every chance I get, theater, cinema, travel, dance and napping.
Why Yoga: Yoga brings me closer (still have a ways to go) to sanity and a stronger understanding of what's important in life, like kindness, friendship, and generosity of spirit. I must admit, too, to enjoying being in a healthy and expansive altered state when I'm finished.
Certifications: Kundalini Yoga 200hr, Kundalini Yoga - Yoga for Youth, Kripalu Yoga 200hr
From: Martinsburg, WV
Guiltless Pleasures: Morning tea, hikes or walks in cool weather, orchestra concerts, playing trumpet.
Why yoga: I think a big part of why yoga hooked me from the beginning is because of my background as a musician and the inherent similarities between learning an instrument and learning one's own body. When challenged with the postures of yoga, the body becomes something that requires an equally scientific and artistic approach. Through repetition, the concentration necessary to perform and perfect the postures is improved, and insight into the subtle focusing and quieting of the mind is gained. Who wouldn't want a better, happier relationship with their own body and mind?
Certifications: 200hrs YTT Tribe Yoga, 60hrs Anatomy YTT JOURNEYoga
Born: Charleston, WV
Guiltless Pleasures: Cuddles with my pups, wine tours with my husband, long summer days on the beach, long winter nights in front of the fire, long family dinners with my kids.
Why Yoga: to feel my body heal and rest, to let my mind slow down and appreciate the strength and health I have been blessed with. Yoga allows me to feel growth within the poses and ease with the breath.
Certifications: Blue Nectar 200 hour YTT, Yinspired Yin 65 hour YTT
Born: Greenfield, MA
Guiltless Pleasures: chocolate with peanut butter, reading, drinking coffee with friends, hiking, going to the beach, & knitting
Why Yoga: Yoga allows me to connect with my breath and body - which helps ground me in the present moment.
Certifications: JOURNEYoga 200-hour YTT, Yin Yoga with Indira Kalmbach 16hr, Restorative Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky 50hr, Yoga Medicine Chinese Medicine 25hr, YM Myofascial Release 25hr, Yinspired Yin 65hr YTT
Born: Washington, DC
Guiltless Pleasures: Naps, hugs, yoga retreats, and time spent with friends
Why Yoga: Through breath work and movement, yoga takes me inside
myself. There I find strength in my body and a connection with my mind
that brings a calm nature to my life
Certifications: 200 hour YTT Journey Yoga, 80 hour Kripalu Restorative YTT, 65 hour Yin Yoga with Jo Phee, 16 hour Yin Yoga with Indira Kalmbach, 15 hour Yoga for Addiction and Recovery with YogaFit
Born: Washington, DC 
Guiltless Pleasures: The short list; dark chocolate, gluten-free baking, the beach, children's giggles, reiki, & yoga.
Why Yoga: Yoga keeps me living and not just existing. Yoga has always helped me navigate my way through life, but after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, I came to realize that through yoga, my full potential is unlimited.
Certifications: Pure Prana Holistic Yoga Teacher 200hr, Kripalu Professional Yoga Teacher 500hr, Kripalu Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher 500hr, Kripalu Ayurvedic Health Counselor 650hr, Reiki Master, The Rocket Vinyasa System 50hr, Itsy Bitsy Babies/Tots/Tykes, Integrated Positional Therapy Levels 1-3, Opening Yoga/Adapting Yoga for Disability Levels 1 & 2, Strala Yoga Intensive, Yoga Medicine Detox 30hr, Yoga Medicine Athletes 40hr, Yoga Medicine Shoulder 85hr, Yoga Medicine Chinese Medicine & Myofascial Release 110hr, Yoga Medicine Yin & Meditation 120 hr, Yoga Medicine Spine 85hr, Yoga Medicine Cadaver Lab 30hr, Yoga Medicine Hip 60hr, Yoga Medicine Nervous System & Restorative 60 hr, Wake Up Yoga Yin 30hr
E-RYT500, KYT500

Born: Fairfax, VA

Guiltless Pleasures: ice cream, naps with my 2 dogs, reading, outdoor music concerts, Homeland on Showtime, walks in nature with my hubby & exploring new music & sounds on Spotify.

Why Yoga: I practice because it helps me to stay calm, be fully present, and make decisions in my life. In 2013, my life changed as I had a VAD that caused a stroke. I enjoy sharing with others, dealing with their own life's changes, the reminder that our yoga is always changing along our journey.

Certifications: Pure Prana Holistic Yoga Teacher 200hr, Kripalu Yoga Teacher 500hr with a focus on integrating Ayurveda, YoKids YTT, Prenatal Teacher Training w/Janice Clarfield, Divine Sleep YTT

RYT 200
Born: Raleigh, North Carolina
Guiltless Pleasures: really good cappuccinos, hiking, kayaking, baking and cooking for those I love.
Why Yoga: Yoga makes the rest of life make sense! I first came to yoga through meditation. It was the combination of mindfulness and a physical practice that allowed me to discover the potential of yoga to heal and transform.
Certifications: Global Breath 200 hr YTT, Delight Yoga Anatomy and Yin 50 hr, Delight Yoga Yin and Chinese Medicine 50 hr, Yoga Medicine 200 hr YTT
Born: Mannheim, Germany

Guiltless pleasures: horseback riding across the Mongolian steppe, traveling with my family, chocolate croissants, cooking, getting lost in a good book.

Why yoga: I discovered my love for yoga while living in Mongolia and soon found myself jumping into teacher training. Yoga allows me to escape the craziness of life by allowing myself to slow down, listen to my body, and find grounding. I love how I feel after a yoga practice.

Certifications: Namaste Yoga School Mongolia 200-hour YTT, Restorative Yoga with Tara Lemerise

E-RYT200, RYT500

Born: Clearwater, Florida

Guiltless pleasures: Savasana, warm fuzzy feelings, good books, sunsets, weekends, addicting puzzles, & guacamole.

Why yoga: When I need to breathe and connect, I practice yoga. I believe whole-heartedly that yoga enables me to pay attention, connect the dots, decide how much and what I want to change, and find the inherent, innate joy that lives in every cell of my body.

Certifications: JourneYoga 200 hr, Sun & Moon Yoga Studio 300 hr

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