Colleen Avis

Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher

Born: Alexandria VA

Guiltless Pleasures: Vegan food and chocolate, being at the lake, sleep, tennis, time with my family, conversation with friends, tea, quiet time at home with our dog.

Why Yoga/Meditation: I was drawn to meditation during a particularly stressful time in my life. My daily meditation practice quickly showed me what I can only describe as an inner silence and knowing. My meditation and yoga practices continue to increase my awareness, find connection to what is most important to me, and minimize how I allow myself to be affected by outside distractions. It’s called a practice for a reason… and I continue to practice!

Colleen Avis instructs the following:
  • Meditation
  • In this class you will be prepared for and guided through meditation. Whether you are an experienced meditator or have never meditated before, this class will provide the experience you need. All meditations, even guided ones, are personal. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and take a position that is suitable for you (chairs will be available).