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Live Harp w/Gentle Yoga & Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Paige Lichens Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Experience deeper levels of peace and health than you ever imagined possible. Give yourself permission to rest and restore. We will start with some gentle movement and then explain the Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra practice, ask questions and discuss. The last hour we will lay back and listen to both the teacher (Paige Lichens) and Live Harp Music (Kara Welch). Be supported, held, and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health.

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® has the power to transform you at core levels. This guided meditation guides you through each layer of being called the Koshas, explained in detail this workshop, which includes the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual layers; making this healing practice inclusive of your whole being.

Who is this for?

Practice is for anyone with a desire for greater inner peace and connection to one’s self. No yoga experience is required. Modifications and alterations are provided including if you prefer to sit in a chair. The Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra practice has been used to successfully aid insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, pain and adapting to travel & time zones, and other issues and changes.

About the instructor and harp player:

Paige Lichens, a native of Washington, DC, has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 8+ years. Certified to lead Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® and also a 500 hour Kripalu Yoga teacher, she teaches regular classes at The Yogi Underground. 

Kara Welch has been playing harp since 2006. She performs professionally at cafes, graduations, galas, and more; everywhere from Arizona to Jamaica, specializing in classical, jazz, celtic, and healing music. Kara is currently studying with the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP) at George Washington University Hospital to become a therapeutic musician in her new home base of Washington, DC.

$45 ($35 Early Bird by 8/12 and members receive 10% discount after Early Bird)

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Gentle is the New Advanced with J Brown Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Imagine yoga before it was transformed in its journey to the West. Imagine a personalized, breath-centered practice, passed down from individual teacher to student. A Yoga for the well being of the whole person; something that would provide a vehicle for learning to truly take care of ourselves and ease the pains of life.

Yoga changed when it came to the West. New styles and brands of yoga have developed which meet the desires and expectations of much of the American audience. Focusing on the outer, physical achievements, and perhaps losing something in the creation of a standardized, scaled and franchised approach to yoga. But the older traditions have also continued, and J. Brown is at the forefront of a wonderful resurgence of this ‘old-school’ yoga. Gentle, therapeutic, breath-centered yoga.

This is J’s signature offering that he has given to thousands of teachers and students around the world. At once both a revolution and a return to the ancient roots of yoga. In this gentle, therapeutic, breath-centered approach, we are making the body strong and flexible — but we go about it in a way that also encourages useful patterns of thought and behavior.

2.5 CEU's available for yoga teachers.

$70.00 ($60 Early Bird if purchased by 8/20/2017)


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Slower is Stronger with J Brown Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Often, in the modern world of predominantly power-based yoga practice, those interested in something different are at a loss. Fortunately, J. Brown has been ingratiating teachers and students into his "Slow Yoga Revolution" for more than a decade and has developed a range of techniques and principles that help make the practice accessible and appropriate for a broader range of students and in many different contexts.

Building upon his teaching lineage: T Krishnamacharya (“the teacher of teachers”), TKV Desikachar, Mark Whitwell and UG Krishnamurti, J has codified 20 years of teaching experience into a singularly healing yoga practice that adapts to individual needs. Organized around a mentality which stresses breath before poses; simplicity and attention over striving and achievement.

This worship takes us deeper into the practice and philosophy behind J. Brown’s slow and strong, powerfully intimate, breath-centered therapeutic yoga teaching. Participants will have an opportunity to troubleshoot specific issues, ask questions about the in's and out's of teaching, and explore different applications (i.e. for special populations or specific conditions.)

2.5 CEU's for yoga teachers.

$70.00 ($60 Early Bird if purchased by 8/20/2017)


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Yin Yoga 65 Hour YTT: Myofascial Release, Fascia Study, & Spine Module with Jo Phee Next held on Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
This enrollment runs from Tue Sep 12, 2017 - Mon Sep 18, 2017
Experience this in-depth Yin Yoga Teacher Training in this 65 hour module from Jo Phee's 300 hour advanced teacher training. With a background in Chinese Medicine, Functional Anatomy, Fascia Study and Myofascial Release, Jo is a senior Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer who apprenticed under Yin Yoga founders, Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers for more than a decade. A long time student and teaching assistant for both Paul and Sarah, Jo has spent over 2000 hours of mentorship with them. She has taught 10,000+ hours of public Yin classes over the past decade and has conducted over 50 Yin Yoga teacher trainings around the world. This Yin Yoga Teacher Training program is endorsed by both Paul and Sarah and there are a total of five modules in her program if you wish to pursue the 500HR RYT designation.
Training Topics for this MFR Module:
- Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice
- Yin Poses & Prop Usage
- Yin Sequencing & Teaching Methodology
- Yin Yoga Therapy Ball Sequencing
- Anatomy of Yoga (Spine)
- Myofascial Release Theory & Practice
- Trigger Points
- Ball Therapy Techniques & Methods
- Ball Sequencing & Teaching Methodology
- Skin Rolling & Fascial Snap
- Fascial Sliding, Sawing, Pinching
- Yoga and Fascia
- Fascial Bouncing Sequence
- Fascial Facial
- Fascia Study: Current Science & Research
- Fascia Anatomy
- Role of Fascia & Fascial Dysfunctions
- Anatomy of Yoga (Spine)
- Skeletal Variations (Spine)
- Dysfunctions & Treatments (Spine)
- Posture Analysis Lab (Spine)
$1400 ($1200 Early Bird on or before 6/30/2017)
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Pacifying Vata: Getting Grounded with Cristina Kuhn Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Summer may linger, but fall is preparing for it's arrival. The days are shorter, the nights longer, and the humidity of summer has faded. According to Ayurveda, the science of yoga, fall and early winter is the season of vata. Vata is composed of space and air so it is associated with movement, wind, decomposition, and dryness. When we are vata deranged we may experience poor digestion, difficult concentrating, constipation, dry skin, and head and chest colds. Whether our dominant dosha is vata, pitta, or kapha, we must respond to the change in seasons to maintain our balance and overall health. In this workshop we will discuss the doshas and their exquisite intelligence, then follow with a yoga, pranayama, and meditation practice designed to pacify vata. To end we will learn how to practice Abhyanga, or self massage. All will benefit, even if you've never heard of a dosha, or even Ayurveda. Just bring your curiosity and the desire to expand your knowledge of self care through knowledge of your self.
Wear loose clothing that you do not mind getting oily. All levels are welcome in this experiential workshop that will include some lecture/discussion. 2.5 CEU's available for yoga teachers.
$55.00 (Members receive a 10% discount)
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Yoga As Medicine: The Art & Science of Yoga Therapy with Timothy McCall, MD Next held on Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
This enrollment runs from Sat Oct 7, 2017 - Wed Oct 11, 2017
Yoga As Medicine is a 5-day, 30-hour, hands-on, roll-up- your sleeves intensive workshop, with much of the time spent doing yoga therapy in small groups under Timothy's supervision. Practice observing bodies, study breathing patterns, analyzing doshas (body-mind types as described in ancient Ayurvedic medicine), and tailoring personalized therapeutic yoga practices. Lectures, yoga practices, writing exercises and guided meditations complement the group case work. In addition, on Sunday, Timothy will demonstrate an in-depth yoga therapy evaluation of one of the workshop participants. For those unable to join us for the full 5-days, there are a limited numbers of spots available to attend the weekend-only portion of the training.

During case work, which begins Monday, and in detailed discussions of selected cases, we evaluate "patients" in five categories, using the acronym SNAPS: Structural, Nervous System and Breath, Ayurveda, Psychology and Spirituality. This holistic roadmap allows for a systematic assessment of function on all levels of body, mind and spirit. YAM uses the full palette of yogic tools including poses, breathing techniques, meditation and philosophy as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.

Past attendees have included healers, health care professionals, yoga students and teachers, as well as those seeking yoga therapy for such conditions as back pain, cancer, arthritis, heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and depression. Familiarity with basic yoga concepts and practices is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Full 5 Day Training $750 ($700 Early Bird on or before 8/26/17)

Weekend Only $300 (see separate listing to register)

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Yoga As Medicine: WEEKEND ONLY with Timothy McCall, MD Next held on Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
This enrollment runs from Sat Oct 7, 2017 - Sun Oct 8, 2017
Only a few spots available for the weekend-only option. Those spots will open up for registration on 8/26/17.
Weekend Only $300
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